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The Nike PD Ladies Golf Balls are designed specifically for the mid-high handicap female golf player to optimise lift and enable a greater distance off the tee from most swing speeds. If you are after a longer carry and a more responsive feel,  then you would benefit from a set of these golf balls.

The Nike Power Distance golf balls feature an aerodynamic 320-dimple design, a low-compression core and a soft yet durable ionomer cover. They give a penetrating ball flight which produces a lot of roll. The Nike PD women's golf ball is primarily intended to be played by slower swingers. They feel soft and long, and have a nice touch (although no spin) around the greens.

The PD golf ball comprises of a two-piece multilayer that offers greater responsiveness and from a soft ionomer cover. Its 320-dimple design gives it a penetrating ball flight. The PD Women is a soft ladies ball that can help women hit the ball higher and longer.