Callaway WarBird 2.0
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The Callaway WarBird 2.0 golf ball is one of the more popular golf balls among intermediate players, it's designed to fly long off the tee as it yields incredible ball speed with a low amount of spin. Though higher handicap players love the Warbird for its distance, mid-level handicappers love it for its great accuracy. This rare combination gives players at all skill levels the ability to shoot lower scores with the Warbird by aiming for greens which they previously couldn't reach in two or three strokes. With the Warbird, golfers will immediately see their percentage of fairways hit and greens in regulation increase by hitting stronger, more satisfying tee shots. 

The extremely soft feel of the Warbird gives players plenty of control and its high-energy soft polybutadiene core gives longer tee shots. The ball will jump off the club face with accelerated velocity and then decreased drag in flight, coupled with the extra roll on the ground, it gives players maximum distance every time.

While many long-distance balls are prone to easily and quickly wear down, the Warbird's firm ionomer cover makes it highly durable, giving consumers excellent value as it mirrors all the other Callaway golf balls in the extra durability it provides. This is a great value for money golf ball.